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V Festival: Festival Fashion Ideas

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Festival season is going on with Reading, Leeds, Wilderness, Bestival and V Festival. V festival 2015 is still to come and all are waiting for this festival. Some of you will be trying to discover new and latest festival fashion ideas according to the latest trends. Most of the shop are selling their festival fashion products from now. So, I am here for your help. I am sharing some new festival fashion ideas for you. If you want more fashion ideas regarding festival season, then check out here.

ASOS Maxi dress


This effortlessly chic jersey maxi dress will look cool during holiday. This dress will work better during holiday session.
price: £28

Tie-Die Dress

A tie-die dress will look different from others and attract to others. During trending, any girl can wear it.
price: £58.99

Silver Shoes


Such type of shoes are water proof, comfortable and look better. During dancing, many people wear it.
price: £100

Hunter Welly


Hunter welly is well suited in a classic festival. This product is available in various colors.
price: £75

Floppy Fedora


If your head has bad hair then you can wear floppy fedora. This hides your bad hair.

price: £18


This is unique scarf. It can be protect your face during hot summer days.
price: £89

Printed Shorts

Printed shorts are vibrant and comfortable. You can wear it for your comfortability.

price: £22.99


BackPacks are very necessary to take away your luggage. So, purchase such types of back-packs that are suitable for you.

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Most Life Lessons You Learn When You Attend Your First Music Festival

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In music festivals, besides food, there is lots of things. Bands and Activities is one of the best part of the festivals. In the festivals, you will meet with new people and talking to them about their love towards music and bands. Some bands are most excitable to see in various music festivals. Music festivals can be a life changing experience. There are so many things which you need to learn when you attend your first music festival.

T in the park schedule 2015

T in the park 2015 festival lineup

1. “The feeling you get at a music festival is addicting. You meet so many people and it’s all about learning to live in the moment.” – Newman

2. “Music festivals have a way of bringing out the best and the worst in people. If you’re going with a friend or someone you don’t know that well you really see their true colors. Festivals are dirty, crowded, and you can lose your patience easily. You’re pushing and shoving your way to the bathroom, to the next stage, paying $20 a beer. But at the same time you’re sharing this experience of music with people and that’s the best feeling in the world.” – Megan

v festival 2015

3. “You can just be yourself, man. It brings you back to this very feral and primal way of being.” – Damien

V festival venues 2015

4. “You’re only one song or one dance away from a great mood. That’s what I love about being here. You can get all pissed off or frustrated because of whatever reason but then you hear a band play one of your favorite songs and you immediately forget what you were just so upset about.” – Kim

5. “Festivals make you more outgoing. Everyone’s a stranger, ya know, so you find yourself striking up a conversation in line with people then next thing you know you’re heading to the same set together. It’s an easy way to come out of your shell and make new friends” – Dev

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6. “You realize that even at a place that has thousands of people, people are still looking out for each other. Like if someone gets too drunk or they aren’t doing well, people will help them out, take them to medical. If someone’s dying of thirst a person will offer up their water bottle. I think people can get down about humanity but once in awhile it proves it’s not so shitty.” – Travis

7. “I think they make you more open-minded and willing to try new things. A band you would normally scoff at or not be into you’re like, okay well it’s not hurting anything if I just give them a listen. Then you check out their set and realize they’re fucking amazing and all of a sudden you have an entirely new band you love.” – Kristen

T In the Park Music Festival Tickets 2015

8. “It’s the one place you can go where it’s not about anything else except enjoying this universal experience with thousands of people. Like, think of when you’re seeing your favorite band at an intimate venue – that’s great, right? But at a festival it’s you and 50,000 people who know all the same lyrics singing along with the musician. I don’t know if I can explain it, really. It just overcomes you.” – Ellen

9. “I love Gov Ball because it’s a multi-genre festival, so you have bands from everything from indie alternative to hip hop to mainstream shit. You sort of realize to stop hating on people who are fans of certain bands or type of music because at the end of the day it’s all about the music – the common love of music – it’s something we all have.” – Becca

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10. “Music festivals are all about looking out for others and keeping an open mind but also about just like, listening to your body. I’ve seen some people get really fucked up at festivals and it’s because they didn’t realize they were getting dehydrated. You’re in the fucking sun, man!!!! 12 hours a day!!! Hydrate! Listen to your body!” – Kyle TC mark

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Best London Festivals to Visit in 2015

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Are you planning for a trip this year to London? There are various festivals celebrated in London every year. A question arises in your mind that why London is so famous destination. London city offers everything to the people. The city offers world-class culture, theater, magnificent exhibitions, nightlife and other best sporting events. The good one thing is that it doesn’t matter when you go to visit, because in London, there are various things happened in all around the world.

UK latest events 2015 rumours

Vault Festival 2015

UK Latest Events Lineup 2015

(January 28 – March 8, 2015)

Vault Festival is held in London at Vaults underneath Waterloo station. Over 500 shows and events take place every year. All shows and events are creative and innovative. So, keep your eyes to see surprise pop-up acts and actions.

Maslenitsa Russian Festival

UK Latest Events Tickets 2015

(February 15, 2015)

Maslenitsa is the Russian Sun Festival. It is the celebration of the end of winter chills and the start of spring: of warmth, of hope, of growth. This festival is great for all the people. It is a mixture of music, food and crafts. It is free, So it’s perfect for families and other budget travelers.

Hampton Court Palace Festival

UK Latest Events Rumours 2015

June (Exact dates not confirmed)

This festival has the mixture of big names from rock, pop and classical music. In the summer evening, a great night with a picnic in gardens and enjoy buffet lunch with family and friends. It’s all about good time.

Notting Hill Carnival 

UK Latest Events Locations 2015

(August 30 – 31, 2015)

It is the Europe’s biggest street festival. People celebrate it to make their weekend memorable and enjoyable. It is a fabulous party filled with steel bands, Calypso music and food stalls. It is also London’s biggest and best annual event.

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UK Music and Camping Festivals 2015

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Guys, you will much more excited to celebrate T in the park and V-festival. We know that you are eagerly waiting for these festivals to celebrate them with your friends and darling. This is time for entertainment with your girlfriends and boyfriends.

UK Latest Events Tickets 2015

People are looking for the lineup,  tickets and other details about T in the Park-2015 and V-festival-2015. So, for more information about these festivals, you need to surf on the Internet. You can help your friends, if they know something about these festivals.


These festivals are popular because of music magical moment. World famous rock stars perform in these festivals. So, To make your weekend memorable and remarkable go in these festivals and celebrate them with your friends with full of enjoyment and fun.

If you are planning to go in these festivals, then you need to know about Lineup, tickets and details. Tickets is on sale. You can purchase the tickets online. Don’t purchase the tickets from third party person. They take extra money from you.

So, pack your bags and celebrate world’s famous festivals with your friends.

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